Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I hope the train is not cancelled tomorrow.

All right. So apparently it hasn't been cancelled. That still does not sound convincing enough. It's perfectly fine when you call and they have pre-recorded messaged that assuage irate customers that, yes, their trains are on time. But you never know until you're there, on the platform, in the train, in your compartment - next to strangers, next to people you may know. Well, until then, everything is uncertain. The last time, on the way home, the entire wait on the platform was dramatically punctuated by moments of hilarity and shock. Someone lost a bag. Well, actually, to be more accurate, someone (and I) lost the other guy's bag. So S had to run back to the counters and retrieve it. Obviously, before he even had time to run back to it, there was pandemonium already around the reception area. The policemen thought it was a deliberately abandoned bag. With suspicious 'items' in it. They looked at S astonished and cursed him for his stupidity. He looked at them completely baffled and just continuously brushed his extremely long hair out of his eyes. That was code for 'I am nervous, but too cool to show it - I hate the state apparatus of oppression anyway'. They didn't know, I did.

So now I have this little bit of time to think about things in the past, think about things going on right now, slightly confused by all the reconnaissance. Well, I'm not sure how things change overnight but they do. And when they do, there is nothing you can do about it. Sometimes things change for the worse. Then you might as well be passive. Because resistance and belligerence and discomfort lead nowhere. They are such brilliant ideas. But try and execute them.

But sometimes things change for the better. That's when you start feeling comfortable again. It's a wonderful feeling.

1. I watched a television interview. A famous movie actor spoke about her life and about the things she has done. She said, "My life is made up of combinations of choices that I have made. I have always felt completely empowered, and never a victim of circumstances. I have chosen everything." She sounded convinced. Well, Julia Roberts, actually. I liked it. But there was something confusing about her 'choice' of words. She chose everything? But we all feel like circumstantial victims sometimes, unwittingly. And otherwise, we all need to feel slightly unsure occasionally. Nothing is decided, or prevaricated. You choose. But you also choose because you need to, and that need is created by the circumstances that surround you. Although, I know for sure that the aforementioned statement is something worth considering. Extremely tempting. I feel so 'choosy' about the things I want to do right now. I hope the train isn't cancelled.

2. In Criminal Minds, a homosexual homicide is linked to a string of murders. A man kills several gay men. He kills them after he seduces them. They find the guy.

3. Monk is very aggravated by the presence of 'nudists' at the scene of the crime. The nudists are eventually exenerated and Monk relinquishes his fear of the naked.

4. The kidnapped son in The Deep End of the Ocean returns home to his estranged brother and parents. They try and bring everything back to normal, encompass his present life with everything that he left behind, when he was abducted by a woman. He gradually settles in with the family. They are reconciled.

5. In My Family, the husband hires a cleaner for the house. She is brilliant. But his wife feels beleaguered.

6. Several things happen on Friends.

I hope the train is not cancelled tomorrow.



El said...

The Deep End of the Ocean is a little gem..

But we already knew he'd be returned, and play basketball and remember being locked up while playing hide and seek.

Arjun Rajkhowa said...

Wow. Yes, it is a gem. I like your blog but can't seem to follow it with google-follow function.