Thursday, January 22, 2009


It was late evening and they had already had a very tiring day. It was not very far from the Ridge. They walked to it and stood at the edge of the park for a very long time. The light from the sun was already dim. Clouds had begun to gather, soft clouds overhead. The monkeys that normally populate the side-walk were beginning to reticently return. They had had a particularly wasteful day. No one had come along to feed them, no one tormented them and couldn't retaliate. Everything seemed perfectly normal. It wasn't for the course of nature to really change at all.

For the two of them, however, it was an unusual day.

They didn't know what they wanted to do. They only knew that they had to get to know each other. It was incredibly simple. There were no questions about the purpose of their interceptions. They always crossed paths. They always bumped into each other, making slight concomitant excuses for being in the other's college. It was terribly exciting. They knew that they couldn't credit each other with too much premeditation. There was none, in fact. It was only a slightly overpowering intuition. That brought them across the road. That tried to softly hide beneath qualms and polite conversations. That made them look out for each other and then 'accidentally' smile.

They didn't know that day what they really wanted to do. It was difficult for them to even try and decide. There were so many things that they could eat, so many places that they could go to, so many things that they could say to each other, so many roads around that they could promenade in. But they didn't have the inclination to decide. They only knew that if they needed to 'do' something, they would probably just 'chance' upon it. Everything worked 'by change'. It was a terribly energetic confusion of details.

Time got conflated. People swelled around and formed little protective circles. They all said that it would be wonderful. That they would wait. That they would buffer unwarranted intrusions and scanty, remorseless inquisitiveness. That they would like to see it through. Well, actually, none of these people really 'said' anything. They didn't even know. But for both of them, in their separate worlds, even when they didn't even make the slightest mention of the other, their respective worlds implicitly knew. They implicitly knew and they implicitly wanted it.

But this didn't matter. That day, they only thought of doing nothing extravagant. Nothing superb. Nothing remarkable. They only stood at the edge of the park for a very long time and waited for everything to begin. It was theirs for the taking.

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