Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Sea

1. Here, the sea sits in front of my window. There is a vast spread of forest land that stretches between the road in front of the house and the lining of the ocean creek. A single winding road leads off from the obstreperous main street to the inside of the forest. I wonder several times a day if I should walk into the grove and find my way along the path. The trees are dense. They look uninhabited. No cars - nor people either - are ever seen inside it. The road is always empty. I did once see something black and conspicuous move slowly down the road towards the mouth of the creek, but I couldn't be sure it wasn't a dog.

2. In the far distance, the water looks like it has shifting consistencies - mostly it is clear and blue, but in other places it looks like it has a (somewhat thick) brown surface lining. I don't know what this is, but it could be the sun reflecting off the water. Near the other port, the sand seems chaotic and in a state of flux in the water, probably ruffled by passing ships.

3. The ships are decrepit and crowd the shore line. Some of them look quite out-of-use, but this must only be a passing phase, because shipping is expensive business, susceptible to market fluctuations, as we were so graciously informed by those in that shipping office.

4. The ferry that carries those to the island with the caves is calm and composed, it never gets shaken up by the sea. The morbid imagination balks at this placidity. If you want to sit on the upper deck, the ferry guys will bluntly tell you, trying to look serious and convincing, you have to pay ten rupees extra.

5. At home, the breeze barges through the house at all times, lifting the billowing bedsheets and curtains even as you lie on the bed. Sometimes, it is so strong, you find yourself struggling to switch off the fan in this scorching summer heat. Once outside, the heat mitigates anything the sea breeze has to offer, but inside, it is completely different. You feel a persistent, moving wind stir through the house, blowing at all times. I believe the monsoon is expected on the 5th of June, and I cannot wait to see what it will have in store.

6. As I leave the city today and head to Goa, I wonder what other sea there will be.


Anandi said...

Wow! Where was this? The sea will be different in Goa, it's probably different every day in the same place every single day.

Anonymous said...
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