Monday, March 28, 2011

Blue Valentine

Stayed awake till 5 in the morning yesterday, watching Blue Valentine. What a beautiful movie! Dean is an amazing, beautiful character. I felt very moved by him, but identified more strongly with the frustration of Cindy.

The montage of the "young" and "old" scenes makes a pertinent point. The transition of a relationship as it moves from one experience to another, from one period to another, is very difficult to chart. Once a relationship has settled into the daily humdrum of everyday wrangling, you tend to forget the start, the initiation, the beginning of the journey - a beginning that is hopeful and exciting and full of immense potential.

The deterioration in this relationship appears to be of the inevitable kind. It's partially the result of mutual misdirection - the fact that you expect your partner to be a certain way, to fulfill a certain role, irrespective of the fact of your knowing each other's sensibilities. You hope, you expect, you demand a certain kind of person, a person you may not identify with the guy whose presence and spirit and joie de vivre you loved in the beginning.

Dean's last appeal is absolutely beautiful. As he walks away in the end, his daughter senses an imminent loss. She follows him. The pragmatic manner of Cindy's retrieving the child gives you an assurance of something terminal, something irreparable about the ending.

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sandsparrow said...

This movie killed me. I think its also that we see these patterns in other peoples lives, and you think 'hey we know better, we won't do that', except people do the same damn things again and again. Thats what scared me. Its the finality of eternal return.