Monday, April 25, 2011


Watched Blindness this evening. Pretty good movie, although a little bizarre initially.

I liked the transition from order to chaos. The wards are initially benign places for the quarantined to gather together, helping one another out as they struggle against the inexplicable blindness. However, one of the fundamental things about collectivities - when numbers burgeon into unmanageable quantities - is that human beings that are forced into confinement together abandon fledgling rules of conduct "imposed" from the outside and create a new pecking order within. The threat of chaos sits heavily on incarceration. The character played by Garcia Bernal captures the essence of the descent into confined lawlessness. The effect of the cruelty and vindictiveness of the newly-instituted chaos grips you by the throat, in the end, when violence takes the form of systematized sexual control.

Julianne Moore does well in the film.