Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Collateral Murder

The group of men identified in this video consisted of two Reuters journalists and about six other men. Apache claimed they saw an RPG and AK-47. ("Fucking pricks.") The journalists were carrying cameras, which were mistaken for weapons. (Later, when the ground team arrived to survey the damage, they reportedly found an RPG and an AK-47.)

The Apache helicopter asked for permission to engage. On receiving it, they shot all the men of the gathered group dead. ("Yeah, dead bastards. Nice.") One of them was initially wounded and tried to crawl away to a nearby compound. A van carrying two children arrived on the spot to take him to safety. Apache team asked for permission to engage. They shot at the van - the wounded man, the men who got out of the van and two children were shot dead. The children died later, upon the ground team's arrival. ("Well, it's their fault for bringing their children to a battle.") They thought they saw some armed men enter the nearby building and fired missiles at it. ("Nice job.")

Later investigation showed that there were three families living in the targeted building, seven of whom died.

Collateral Murder:

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Furree Katt said...

this is absolutely mortifying, sickening and saddening.