Friday, May 20, 2011

Sec 29 Police Station, Gurgaon - 17.5.11

Addy parked his car outside Galeria Arcade, along the road beside the parking lot. None of us - Addy, Siddharth or I - saw any no-parking sign. Several cars were parked along that road and none of the attendants at the lot approached any of the cars to warn them that they were in a tow-away zone. When we returned to the car, we found that it had been towed away and we were informed that it had to be retrieved from the police station nearby. Two of us waited outside the police station, by a rolling field of fallow land, waste, stray pigs and broken rocks, while Addy went in to get the car back. The policeman at the counter demanded Rs. 300, no questions asked. He did not bother to listen to the arguments of anyone standing there. As he continued to stonewall questions and demand the fine, the people driving the towing machine in and out of the station, carrying other hapless cars into the towed-away zone, looked sinister and irritatingly gleeful. Another observation we made was that all of the cars brought into the station, without exception, were smaller, non-luxury cars. They did not tow away any of the more expensive cars parked with impunity at the market. It seemed quite clear that they made a lot of money by colluding in the victimization of drivers and by misusing the lack of information in the market area.

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oh look, stars! said...

It's the same story everywhere.. home advantage helps at times though :/