Monday, June 6, 2011


Ramdev's eviction from the protest grounds in Delhi is mindless. It is an expression of the government's lack of circumspection. They have lost it. Not only have they impinged on a peaceful protest, but they have used the flimsiest pretext to do it. Ramdev apparently signed a letter saying he would discontinue the protest after negotiations. He continued to protest. The letter was used as a basis to violently stop the hunger-strike. Such disregard for citizens' fundamental rights cannot go unpunished. On television, panels of commentators have drawn attention to the 'religious' or 'political' colour of the protest, referring especially to RSS members who shared the stage with him, but one has to make a distinction between the credentials of those involved in the protest and the principle of protesting. The principle is compromised by its forceful prevention.


Furree Katt said...

this is insanity :O

I am said...

So true. What is even more strange is that the media has been biased against Ramdev, instead of being neutral in reporting the campaign they've constantly had a demeaning tone for Ramdev. It's just so sad. The government has been trying to divert the attention from the real matter, and it seems that the media fails to recognize it.

On another note, great blog!

Arjun Rajkhowa said...

You're right. The media has not been neutral at all and has actively promoted cynicism, especially TOI. They've fed the general trend of political cynicism in the political classes and made it about the personality of the protester rather than the principles of protesting. The government hasn't done anything concrete on the issue and the media continues to air their views on Ramdev with greater frequency than anything on the issue at hand.