Sunday, October 2, 2011

I am confused sometimes by the clash of the trivial and inane, and the profound in our daily existence. I wish we could separate them, so that we have one set of rules to deal with one and another set of rules to deal with the other. As it happens, they occur simultaneously and confuse us with their variety and disparity. The profound is never overshadowed by the inane. The magnitude of the first cannot be affected much by the smallness, the insignificance of the latter. Yet, they affect us at the same time, and we sometimes brood over their untimely clashing, their coincidence.

I am filled with resentment toward those that unnecessarily intrude in our lives, albeit briefly, to touch us with their negativity, futility and insecurity. You are not needed here. You don't belong here. When you hear the voice of love and concern at night, the last voice you hear before you sleep, you want it to overflow into your thoughts and dreams, to flood your consciousness. You don't want the brittle voice of malice you encounter in insignificant persons to interfere with that.

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