Thursday, November 24, 2011

Back to Tahrir

The people of Cairo are back in Tahrir Square. This is proof of the inexhaustible spirit of the Egyptians and their unrelenting, unstinting determination to see the revolution to its logical conclusion. A lot of what they have witnessed and experienced in the past year could have contributed to a growing fear, cynicism and civic depression in the country, but the protests have persisted despite many losses, setbacks and many changing forms of repression. After the Mabarak ouster, the military regime became tighter and more repressive, trying several civilians in military courts and detaining several others. Now, the military has presented certain "guidelines" before the beginning of the election process in the country, determining the kind of constitution it ought to adopt. The guidelines prove that the Egyptian military is what every opportunistic power-broker is in the event of a regime-change - highly cynical and potentially more repressive than the erstwhile regime. The guidelines exempt the military from the civilian government's control and also take the military budget out of the reach of the government and hence the people. The military, through its cynicism, has betrayed its own people. It grew very powerful during the Mubarak decades, and now it seems to want to wrench whatever power it can from the political changes in the country. The Egyptian people are undeniably braver and stronger than these political opportunists and are fighting even today.

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