Saturday, November 26, 2011

A Boy Dog

At home,
he is bound by
the rules and regulations
of obeisance
at five in the morning
and five in the evening;
he eats purified fare
true to custom
and execrates the
pathologies of the present day.

He is a son,
and he speaks in
the tongue of
his parents,
who do not relate
to him at all, really.
In secret,
he wastes away at home -
wallowing in
alternations of
self-pity and contempt,
hiding behind the mask of
a second-handed intellect.

he is a libertine,
a parader, stomping
through the carnival
of lust and boredom
sold cheap
on the internet -
he has too many boys.
He lingers in the corners
of foreign eyes and ears
so that they may
catch a glimpse of his
self-pity and take him home.

he is a single man
parading through
the rush of modernity
in a language he has borrowed
from white lies
and lurid tunes.
Too bad, Mr. Giovanni...


untraceable said...

This is so full of verve. It's impossible to read it just once! Especially with the way it ends.

Arjun Rajkhowa said...

Thanks. And I like your blog!