Friday, November 4, 2011

End of Term

There is no time of the academic term quite so bad as the end approaching semester exams. Life comes to a standstill and you suddenly realize how much time you've already wasted. You involuntarily become disconnected from the rest of the informational world (no time to read newspapers), and you feel like a frog in a well, caught up in your own problems and your own discontent. Work piles up and you contemplate doing it more than you actually execute any plan of action. If you spend time outside college, you get that strange guilty feeling. And, then, of course, there are the hundred other extraneous factors that you cannot control/ predict/ ignore. If you're something of an oddball with a few irritating quirks and eccentricities of your own (OCD, facebook false-consciousness, desperate need to eat), you will waste even more time than otherwise by the end.

There is no time quite so bad. And yet, how much does it really take to say - "That's it. No more distractions. This is me and my work, nothing else really matters. No temptation to eat. No gallivanting around town. No anxiety about future plans. My room, my work, my deadline."


Rishabh Poddar said...

Haha, I can sooo empathize with that!

Anonymous said...

Trust me, it takes a lot to say just those three lines. But yeah, it's all worth it in the end.