Friday, November 18, 2011

Petition Demanding the Removal of Keeping Up With the Kardashians

There is a petition online that's gone viral, garnering more than a 100K signatures over two weeks. Amongst the many important things that share media attention in the US right now, of which the Occupy Wall Street Movement is foremost, this petition opposing a seemingly stupid show too, I believe, has something important to say. The reality show itself, whatever your take on it, is entertainment fluff, and having watched a few episodes of it, I know that nothing could be more unimportant. However, what I believe this petition and its corresponding website do is focus on the basics of media value. At a time when 99% of Americans share the growing frustrations of income inequality (the highest in the world), unemployment, under-employment, inflation, real estate crises and overwhelming loans, the puerile and ostentatious dramatization of the spectacle of relentless, non-stop, mindless spending is wrong. The word "wrong" encourages too many moral connotations. But morality doesn't exist in a vacuum. Morality is determined and shaped by the economic hardships of a society. However, as much as I agree with the anti-mindless consumption argument of the petitioners, I also hope that the argument in favour of content-removal is not taken to an extreme.

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