Saturday, November 19, 2011


Film criticism in the Indian media is more or less dead. It has become an extension of the publicity machinery hired by big production houses. That's why they never or hardly ever produce any honest and reliable film reviews. I cannot believe for a moment that film reviewers are utterly mindless and genuinely mean what they write. If they do, then that spells the end of intelligence. They write their false criticism because they are paid to write faux reviews by the film's PR agents. Here are two such "favourable" reviews for the recently-released film, Rockstar:, Instead of their false fawning comments, these reviewers should have had the gumption to honestly tell their readers to stay away from the movie, and should have put the film in perspective by using a smattering of the following descriptions: stupid, mindless, nightmarishly bad, delusional, fluffy, irritating, nonsensical, embarrassing, wasteful, wasteful, wasteful.


Satyendra Singh said...

Thanks friend for your honest review!! I have been thinking of going to watch Rockstar, but won't do so now!!!

Arjun Rajkhowa said...

Don't go, don't waste your time!