Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Mamata's Woes

Before the story of Mamata Banerjee's persecution of newspapers critical of her government can die down, there are other stories out in the media highlighting the inanity and sheer madness of her political vendetta. In today's papers, there are reports of a TMC minister's injunction, no doubt mooted by MB, on TMC members attending the weddings of CPI members or their relatives. The minister clarified that he had nothing against the members of the two political clans inter-marrying, if such miscegenation could indeed be imagined, but he wanted no form of social interaction or contact between them!

MB has gone from one paranoid assertion of conspiracy to the next without any introspection. She has brushed aside rape cases, hospital deaths, railway budgets, facebook cartoons/ caricatures and several other things as conspiracies to target and embarrass her. She recently even transferred the senior lady police officer in Calcutta who "dared" to go against her diktat and investigate the Park Street rape case, making no attempt to veil her vindictive intent. Partho Ray, a scientist and activist critical of state violence, was arrested on April 8 for "obstructing the police during an eviction drive" in the city, even though his friends claim that he wasn't even present at the purported site. Amidst all this mindless paranoia, fear mongering, politicking and "fascist" conduct (in the words of Mahasweta Devi, who supported MB during her election campaign), she has had the time to meet a Samajwadi Party representative to discuss the prospect of a national alliance. Her parochial attitude and dictatorial manner of functioning are detrimental to politics in general, and she would no doubt become a national burden if foisted on the national stage in any more significant proportion.

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