Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Sneering arrogance of the elites

There is a trend in western politics that is growing by the day. There appears to be this belief that because something - some topic, some issue - has been resolved by 'consensus', any questioning of it should be treated as wrong, unacceptable and incorrect. I witnessed this recently when a woman who had experienced adversity was mocked, sneered at and humiliated on television by the 'consensus' crowd for voicing an opinion (about her experience) that somehow made the consensus look bad. So now it's alright to demean someone who is already experiencing adversity because her experience, her loss makes your opinion look bad? It's remarkable that those who are so incredibly elitist as to demean everyday battlers on television are considered champions of the downtrodden. Words and gestures apparently matter more than your actual treatment of someone in adversity. 

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