Friday, May 13, 2016

Go, Dami Im!

You know how every once in a while you come across a genuinely talented artiste whose work speaks (sings?) for itself, and who's got no need for any frills and fancies to enhance her impact on the audience? That's Dami Im. Her voice is powerful. She performs beautifully. And her singing is what shines through in her performances - it's solely her voice that carries the performance. I hadn't really heard her music before her Eurovision nomination but having watched her X-factor 2013 performances and the music videos she's produced since, I can say that I really like her! Her singing and the lyrics of her songs cut right through to your heart - the feelings that she conveys through her music are impactful and beautiful. There's that mesmerising mixture of love and pain, movement and stillness, daring and vulnerability (listen to 'Gladiator'). She also comes across as very grounded, humble and personable. Quirky, thoughtful and lovely. Like Adele and Sia, two other great artistes. It's a bit unfashionable to talk about 'soul' and 'genuineness' and all that jazz these days, but really, you get the sense that they're all soulful, complex, vulnerable, genuine people with a real love and passion for their art. Not overwhelming personalities but overwhelmingly mesmerising artistes whose music is so deeply moving, affecting and so goddamn poetic. OK, go Dami! Here's to your Eurovision awesomeness! I hope she wins. Deserves it big time.

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