Thursday, June 9, 2016

To my grandmother

Dear Nani, 

The last two years were a struggle for you, and for the family. Towards the end, the struggles of everyday life and the endeavour to maintain your health took over completely, and perhaps it is with this in mind that we are so blessed that when you left us yesterday you were completely at peace, completely serene. You persevered for so long, and you were loved and looked after in your time of need so well, I could not have been more proud of my parents, aunts and uncles than I am today. But yesterday, as I said goodbye to your spirit, it was not the memories of the last two years that were foremost on my mind. It was the memories of you in your prime, of you as I knew you when we were kids, that flashed before my eyes. I remembered with so much gratitude the love that you had showered on us all all through our childhood. I remembered the long summer and winter holidays with you and Nana. I remembered your bright smile, your joyful face, your laughter.  I remembered your early morning walks and prayers - the hum, the sweet incense, and the serenity and sanctity of that little room in the corner. I remembered you restlessly moving through the house, getting everything done, getting everyone on their feet. I remembered the constant churning in the kitchen and the wonders that would emerge from there everyday. I remembered your comforting hand on my head as it lay in your lap, as we watched TV - sometimes the cartoons and action thrillers that you disliked, sometimes the family dramas that I disliked, and sometimes the sad love stories that we both liked. I remembered you neatly wrapped in your shawls and woolens in the winter cold. I remembered the fireplace in the lounge room and the glow of the embers that would linger on until bedtime. I remembered the many friends who'd visit and who we visited, friends from an earlier time, evoking memories and stories that never ceased to entertain and enthrall. I remembered your fortitude in the face of Nana's illness. I remembered your devotion to everyone you loved at every point in our lives. All through your life you gave us so much love and care. We are so fortunate to have had you as our grandmother, to have loved you for so long. I know you are at peace now. Love you lots.

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